$39.95 for 6 month use period

INSTANT is sold in either a “Standard” or “Unlimited” account type. “Standard” 6-month accounts are $39.95 and limited to one zip code per account selected at time of purchase.

“Unlimited” accounts allow unlimited zip codes to be selected and are available in 6-month accounts for $349.00 or 12-month accounts for $599.00. Select account type on the next page.

Simple, fast & easy with few required inputs. Great for quickly budgeting house plans

Main Features:
  • Cloud based software
  • Preselected quality options
  • Over 70 lines of cost detail
  • Labor price breakdown
  • Material and labor price breakdown
  • Export report to Excel ®
  • Over 40,000 zip codes
  • Costs for US and Canada

NOTE: Project accounts are tied to the specific project location zip code entered at time of purchase. For Standard licenses the project zip code cannot be changed once selected.

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