PRO (One time set up fee)

$99.00 Set Up Fee (one time cost)

Buying your first PRO account will occur in two steps. The first step is the purchase of a one time non-refundable set up fee of $99.00

Once the set up fee is purchased, you are then able to buy PRO project accounts on a subscription basis of only $24.50 per month per project account.

PRO project accounts are tied to the specific project location zip code entered when you activate the account after purchase. Estimates for a different zip code will require a separate PRO project account.

You control of how many project accounts you want active at one time, and for how long. Each monthly subscription provides up to a month’s period of use. (You may cancel any project account any time in your Control Panel but there are no refunds for a partial month’s use).

Your Control Panel allows you to buy new or cancel PRO project accounts. It also allows you to manage project information for each project account. You can custom name a project, track client contact information, design and construction team contact information along with other design and budget notes. Also, you can delete your session data or restore your session data file (previous estimate) all from your Control Panel.

(View estimating design limitations of PRO)

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